Our team includes former prosecutors in the U.S. and Europe and has worked on some of the most significant cases to date in the UK. Thanks to our past governmental and recent defence experience, our lawyers are known and respected by leading prosecutors and regulators in the U.S., Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

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When the Stakes Couldn't Be Higher.

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Is at Risk.

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featured in waco: The AFtermath

Cogdell’s work in the courtroom is being profiled in a new five-part series from Showtime and Paramount+ called Waco: The Aftermath. Actor Giovanni Ribisi stars as Dan Cogdell, bringing the attorney’s larger-than-life personality to the small screen. 

The series, premiering April 14, is a gripping portrayal of one of Houston’s most legendary attorneys. For those who remember the Waco disaster and its aftermath, it will be a powerful reminder of the human toll of justice, the ramifications of government overreach and the importance of fighting for what’s right.