Our team includes former prosecutors in the U.S. and Europe and has worked on some of the most significant cases to date in the UK. Thanks to our past governmental and recent defence experience, our lawyers are known and respected by leading prosecutors and regulators in the U.S., Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

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Your path to legal victory

Legal triumphs are tradition, not chance, at Cogdell Law Firm. Dan Cogdell reigns supreme in the Lone Star State – and beyond. With a track record that reads like a roster of the greatest American criminal case acquittals, his firm stands as a fortress for its clients. From defending Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Enron litigation, the Branch Davidian trial, and many others, his courtroom odysseys continue to hit the silver screen by way of documentaries and a Showtime series.

Cogdell has been said to possess one of the sharpest legal minds in the country. Armed to the teeth with razor-sharp intellect, he unleashes unwavering defense of his clients – whether it’s criminal accusations like federal white-collar and criminal offenses, criminal appeals, state felony charges, grand jury investigations, medical kickback, or securities fraud.

Unforgettable legal feats

Ken Paxton

When the Texas Attorney General faced politically-charged indictments, he enlisted Dan Cogdell to defend him. Cogdell never yielded as he navigated the political and legal storm in defense of the state’s top law enforcement officer, ensuring charges will be dropped. 

Amid the political frenzy surrounding the impeachment saga of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Dan Cogdell didn’t just enter the fray – he dominated it. With a mere three months to ready his arsenal, Cogdell and his team stormed into battle before the Texas Senate. It ended in a triumphant smackdown of 16 charges and the outright dismissal of the remaining four. 

One of – if not the – greatest corporate corruption cases in the history of the world was Enron. Executives scrambled to secure the best legal minds money could buy – mostly from the glitzy towers of New York. But not Sheila Kehanak. She placed her faith in Dan Cogdell who turned what seemed like an insurmountable legal Everest into a mere speed bump on the road to exoneration, while the others faltered under the weight of guilty verdicts. 

Dan Cogdell took up the defense of Clive Doyle, who was facing charges over the deaths of federal agents who participated in the Waco siege. Despite the relentless media bias, Cogdell achieved a remarkable victory: his client acquitted of all charges. An achievement that stands stark against the backdrop of six other defendants convicted on multiple counts. Cogdell’s triumph in this case attracted considerable attention, with his skill and tenacity in the courtroom becoming the focal point of the 2019 documentary Waco: In Defense of and the 2023 Showtime series Waco: The Aftermath.

Federal legal victories

In a case marred by prosecutorial misconduct, Dan Cogdell’s client emerged victorious. A United States District Judge issued a judgment of acquittal, uncovering instances of misconduct and holding the prosecution accountable.

In a riveting legal saga, the former New Orleans City Attorney was acquitted of conspiracy, bribery, and corruption charges. Meanwhile, multiple co-defendants faced convictions, underscoring our firm’s commitment to justice.

Triumph in fraud and white collar cases

In the widely-publicized “Houston City Hall Bribery Case,” Cogdell and his client faced the legal battleground in two separate trials. Remarkably, Cogdell’s client, a former state district judge and city council member, was acquitted of all charges, including bribery and corruption. Meanwhile, multiple co-defendants faced convictions and subsequent imprisonment.

In a high-profile legal saga, Cogdell’s client, an Orthopedic Surgeon was acquitted of all charges leveled against them, which included wire fraud, healthcare fraud, and insurance fraud.

In an exceptionally challenging legal battle, an alternative treatment physician found themselves acquitted of multiple charges. Despite the arduous journey, the remaining charges against the physician were ultimately dismissed by the government following two separate trials.

In the federal Southern District of Texas, Cogdell’s client was accused of bank fraud. After a rigorous trial, Cogdell’s client prevailed, being acquitted of all charges, including Conspiracy, Wire Fraud, and Bank Fraud. Meanwhile, all other clients involved in the case were convicted of multiple federal offenses.

The former President and CEO of Continental Savings and Loan faced a barrage of accusations including conspiracy, bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. Thanks to Cogdell’s expertise, the client emerged unscathed, acquitted of all charges.

Dubbed the “NASA Operation Lightning Strike Trial,” Cogdell’s client faced charges of Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, and Defrauding the United States government. Once again, Cogdell’s strategic defense led to a favorable outcome, with the client acquitted of all charges.

A pharmacy owner was charged with Wire Fraud and Mail Fraud. The trial judge granted the Court’s own mistrial motion based on prosecutorial misconduct following six weeks in trial. The matter still currently pending.

White collar cases

Cogdell’s client, a surgeon, faced a daunting legal battle. However, after a rigorous trial, the client emerged triumphant, acquitted of all charges, including insurance fraud and practicing medicine without a license.

A state district judge faced accusations of tampering with a governmental record. Remarkably, all charges against the judge were dismissed prior to trial.

Dubbed the “Spring Shadows Glenn Psychiatric Fraud Trial,” Cogdell’s client found themselves embroiled in a high-profile prosecution. Despite enduring an exhaustive six-month trial, the client’s case was ultimately dismissed, with the individual acquitted of all charges.

A cardiovascular and thoracic physician faced scrutiny during a euthanasia/mercy killing investigation. However, Cogdell’s client emerged unscathed as the Grand Jury “No-billed” the case. Additionally, following an investigation by the Texas State Medical Board, the client prevailed, further solidifying their innocence.

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