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The New York Times: Putting a Human Face on the Waco Disaster

The New York Times: Putting a Human Face on the Waco Disaster

Decades following the events at the Branch Davidian compound and the 51-day siege that ended with a fire that killed its leader, David Koresh, and 76 other people, the criminal case and its aftermath are documented in the new Showtime series, “Waco: The Aftermath.” Dan Cogell is portrayed by Emmy-nominated actor Giovanni Ribisi and the series highlights his defense at trial of Branch Davidian Clive Doyle. 

In a recent interview with the New York Times, series star and Academy-nominated actor Michael Shannon called the events of Waco, “One of the seeds that germinated and turned into all of this is Waco. You can trace it to other things as well, but I think Waco was a seminal moment in the creation of this animosity and unease that is plaguing our country.” 

The New York Times piece continues, “Much of ‘The Aftermath’ focuses on a San Antonio courtroom, where surviving Davidians stood trial on weapons and conspiracy charges. Lauren MacKenzie, who, along with her husband, Andrew Gettens, was a writer and a producer on the Showtime series, sought to show that the Davidians had been wronged in some ways.” 

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