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KPRC-TV: Dan Cogdell on the relevancy of the Waco siege today

KPRC-TV: Dan Cogdell on the relevancy of the Waco siege today

Dan Cogdell conducted a lengthy interview with KPRC’s Zach Lashway regarding Dan’s memories and perspectives on the Branch Davidian siege and resulting trials. In the discussion Dan comments on how he became involved in the case, his relationship with his client Clive Doyle through the years, the impact of media coverage, and the relevancy of an event that still reverberates today. 

“You can draw a straight line from Waco to Oklahoma City to January 6. The Waco events were sort of the start of the great cleavage we see in our country today.” 

“I’ve been doing this for 40 years and I’ve never seen the amount of media attention – both national and international – as we did during that trial.”  

Watch Dan’s complete interview with KPRC-TV.