Our team includes former prosecutors in the U.S. and Europe and has worked on some of the most significant cases to date in the UK. Thanks to our past governmental and recent defence experience, our lawyers are known and respected by leading prosecutors and regulators in the U.S., Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

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"His knowledge of the legal system and responsiveness to my case took away any anxiety that I had."

— Cogdell Law Firm Client

When the gavel sounds, and the courtroom doors swing open, there’s one name that makes the opposition quake in their polished loafers: Cogdell Law Firm. It isn’t just a law firm; it’s the law firm of choice for people facing charges for federal white-collar and criminal offenses, state felony charges, grand jury investigations, medical kickback, securities fraud or criminal appeals.

Dan Cogdell is one of the elite 2% of attorneys admitted to the Fellow American College of Trial Lawyers. His reputation for strategy and skill isn’t just respected, it’s revered. Cogdell knows the play before the opposition’s even decided on the game. Settlements are his specialty, but should a trial beckon, he’s the maestro ready to conduct a legal symphony like no other.

Dan has spent his career collecting acquittals in cases written off by others. Impossible isn’t in his lexicon – it’s just another word for challenge. He doesn’t take cases he thinks he can win, he takes those he knows he will.

The firm’s attorneys, paralegals, and support staff live and breathe victory. Choosing Cogdell Law Firm means choosing success. It’s not just about navigating legal complexities; it’s about partnering with a legal giant who stands shoulder to shoulder with you in the pursuit of justice.

Get in touch with Cogdell Law Firm – where being the greatest isn’t a boast, it’s a promise.

Where it all began

In the gritty expanse of a Houston motocross track in the seventies, known as Rio Bravo, a fellow rider caught the attention of Dan Cogdell – it was Richard “Racehorse” Haynes.

Haynes was the seasoned rider with a spanking new bike and a van that turned heads. In the legal arena, Haynes was a juggernaut, trying 163 DWI cases consecutively, resulting in a mere two convictions. About a year following their initial encounter, Haynes tackled the John Hill case, which was the basis for Blood and Money.

It inspired Cogdell so much that he attended law school with the sole intention of eventually working alongside Haynes. Despite a less than stellar GPA from the University of Texas, the fire of determination led to academic excellence at South Texas College of Law and, ultimately, an interview with Haynes himself.

The interview was unorthodox. Cogdell insisted on foregoing the anticipated “surprise task” of delivering a mock closing argument, and instead recounted Haynes’ distinctive style on the motocross track, jolting Haynes’ memory and leading to an invitation for drinks. 

Cogdell’s rationale was simple: If they were to collaborate on grueling trials, they might as well gauge their camaraderie over spirits.

It was then, in Haynes’ prime, he hired the tenacious 25-year-old Cogdell. Just four years later, Codgell would become the youngest partner in the history of Haynes’ firm.

More than a mentor, Haynes was a father figure, imparting lessons that transcended legal strategy, reaching into the core of human connection with juries, bailiffs, and clerks alike. The wisdom gleaned from working with Racehorse was more than vocational, it was a masterclass in both legal acumen and humanity.

When the stakes couldn’t be higher — whether it’s a federal white-collar criminal accusation or a serious state-court felony — when everything is on the line, and liberty is at risk, hire the best. Hire the Cogdell Law Firm. 

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