Our team includes former prosecutors in the U.S. and Europe and has worked on some of the most significant cases to date in the UK. Thanks to our past governmental and recent defence experience, our lawyers are known and respected by leading prosecutors and regulators in the U.S., Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

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Fraud & White-Collar Crimes

Fraud & White-Collar Crimes

Typically, fraud and other “white-collar” crimes are prosecuted by federal agencies such as the FBI, the SEC, and the IRS. The hallmark of a fraud case is that it involves deception to produce financial gain. The cases don’t have the ring of, say, “murder,” or “arson,” or “aggravated robbery.” Fraud crimes usually don’t involve gunplay or spilled blood. Does that mean they’re not serious?

Make no mistake: a fraud or other white-collar criminal conviction can annihilate your future, destroy your reputation, and decimate your financial assets. For many, such a conviction means that their lives, for all practical purposes, are over. 

While fraud crimes don’t carry the potential for a death sentence, they can be among the most severe and complex of criminal accusations. Remember Bernie Madoff, who died in prison while serving a 150-year sentence for fraud? Tell him, his victims, and his family – including his son, who tragically took his own life on the second anniversary of his father’s conviction – that white-collar offenses are not “real” crimes.

Fraud cases often are enormously complex in both their commission and their prosecution. That’s why if you are accused of fraud, you need a battle-proven courtroom warrior on your side. You need a legal team accustomed to defending high-profile white-collar criminal cases. You need a focused, tenacious, and fearless defense.

You need Dan Cogdell and the Cogdell team of lawyers.

Dan’s contemporaries call him a “Texas trial legend” with good reason. His experience and success in defending prominent clients in complex fraud cases is, indeed, legendary.

Dan’s reputation is all the more remarkable because, unlike some legends, it’s also true.

Consider that Dan’s client was the only defendant in the Enron litigation to receive a “not guilty” verdict. Examine his successful defense of Judge John Peavy in the Houston City Hall bribery case. Study his other victories in fraud crime cases too numerous to list.

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Fraud accusations come in many flavors. Maybe yours is a securities fraud allegation. Or perhaps wire, bank, government, insurance, Medicare, tax, or mail fraud. Dan has successfully battled for the accused in all of them, not to mention conspiracy, obstruction of justice, bribery, racketeering, insider trading, and money laundering. Whatever the specifics of the allegations against you, Dan Cogdell and the Cogdell Legal Team are your best defense.  

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