Our team includes former prosecutors in the U.S. and Europe and has worked on some of the most significant cases to date in the UK. Thanks to our past governmental and recent defence experience, our lawyers are known and respected by leading prosecutors and regulators in the U.S., Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

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“I wanted to let you know that Mr. Cogdell is an untouchable. You want to fight a case? He will. He saved my life on a charge that could have left me on welfare for life. Thank you Dan. I would be in a ditch today. Now I have a house, wife, kids, dogs, cats, and my life back. Thank you so much.” — Lew 

Unraveling convictions

Dan Cogdell is a mastermind of legal redemption through federal and state appeals, guiding clients through every twist and turn with unparalleled finesse.

Just know that when the courtroom dust settles, it’s not game over. A criminal conviction might seem like the final nail in the coffin, but trials falter, judges make mistakes, and evidence falls short. That’s where Cogdell Law Firm come in, standing as unyielding pillars of advocacy, fearlessly charging ahead to overturn unjust rulings.

Sailing through the federal appeals process demands meticulous precision. From timing motions to preserving arguments, every move is crucial, and the firm’s attorneys leave no stone unturned, crafting compelling appeals that lay the groundwork for a fair outcome.

Cogdell knows the journey through the federal and state appeals process can be daunting, which is why he offers personalized guidance and unwavering support at every step. From strategic planning to courtroom showdowns, Cogdell Law Firm is by your side, fighting tooth and nail to safeguard your rights and secure your freedom.

For those unwilling to let a criminal conviction dictate their destiny. Reaching out to Cogdell Law Firm offers a path to mastery of the appeals process and a chance to reclaim liberty.