Two Texas Men Convicted in Racketeering Conspiracy Case

Two Texas men and another man from California have been convicted by an Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, federal jury for participating in a racketeering conspiracy that involved money laundering and illegal gambling.

Kelley Diebner, 43, of Houston, Texas, Rodger Bramley, 73, of Plano, Texas, and Leon Moran Jr. 54, of Kingsburg, California, were found guilty of racketeering conspiracy, conducting an illegal gambling business and money laundering conspiracy.

According to court documents, the three operated an Internet and phone gambling operation called Legendz Sports from 2003 to 2013 in Panama City, Panama.  During that 10-year period, Legendz reportedly took in more than $1 billion in illegal bets, primarily from U.S. gamblers betting on sporting events.  Diebner and Bramley reportedly worked as bookies in Texas, illegally promoting and accepting sports bets and settling gambling debts.

The government’s evidence showed that Moran transported cash and checks between Legendz in Panama and the U.S.  The checks were made to a number of shell companies created by Legendz for this purpose.

A sentencing date for the three men has not yet been set.

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