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Testimonials and results of previous cases.

Dan Proved Again “When Results Matter Most”

I was in jail with no bond over a weekend and had to appear in Court on Monday morning. My wife left a message for Mr. Cogdell on Sunday afternoon. He returned her call right away. He had his associate (because Dan was out of town) meet my wife in Court Monday morning and had me out on bond.

Because of my past numerous felonies and prison sentences, my current indictment of aggravated theft carried a sentence of 25 years to life.

I suffered some health issues during this time period including two strokes. Dan’s concern and compassion for me was sincere. He convinced the Judge to postpone sentencing while I completed medical tests and numerous doctor appointments. He was also able to convince the Judge to allow out of the county travel to help take care of my disabled parents who live out of town.

Due to Dan’s knowledge of the law and legal system, I received 10 years deferred adjudication probation, which was a big win for me.

Dan Cogdell definitely lives up to his firm’s motto of “When Results Matter Most.”

––Anonymous client

Dan Cogdell Will Stand Up For and Next to You

We were referred to Dan Cogdell regarding a criminal defense case by a well-known Houston attorney. After we initially met Dan, we knew he could be entrusted to defend our family member. Our decision was not just based on the fact that he was a power-house attorney, but more importantly to us, that he truly cared.

Over the course of three years, Dan shared all updates and answered all questions personally, most of the time within only one hour. Dan is consistently professional, informative and 100% honest. Dan Cogdell is the only attorney we would ever recommend, period.

––DCH, criminal defense client

Dan Gave Me a Fresh Start on Life!

I was charged with interference of 911 call Class A as well as charged with assault of a family member Class A. Dan was able to get both charges dismissed and expunged off my record. Until Dan Cogdell, I didn’t think lawyers actually cared about their clients, but I was dead wrong. Dan treated me with respect, believed in my innocence and made sure I would never have to worry about this again. I cannot thank him enough for believing in me and giving me my life back!

––JC, criminal defense client

DWI Dismissed

Dan and his colleague Cordt Akers got my DWI case in Houston dismissed after it was pending for 5 years. Throughout the process, Dan was responsive, creative and devoted to getting me the best result, taking into account my specific needs and schedule. He always took a fresh look at our options and came up with a winning idea at the end.

––Alex, client

Experienced and Trustworthy

Dan let me know exactly how the process was going to go. He’s extremely knowledgeable and straightforward. He was able to get everything dismissed! There were no hidden fees. His office staff was always helpful and pleasant. More than anything, Dan doesn’t BS with clients, and he knows what he’s doing.

––MG, domestic violence client

BEST Defense Attorney

Dan Cogdell made me feel from the first day he took my case that it would all work out fine. His knowledge of the legal system and responsiveness to my case took away any anxiety that I had. I would not hesitate to hire him again if needed and would recommend him to anyone wanting an attorney that will ” go to bat” for you. No wonder he is so highly regarded in the legal community.

––Tami, criminal defense client