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Representing individuals and entities accused of criminal offenses in all state and federal courts.

About Us

The Cogdell Law Firm was founded in 1988 by Dan Cogdell. Mr. Cogdell has been practicing criminal defense law for more than 33 years. He has served as lead trial counsel in nearly 300 cases tried by jury in over sixteen states. Mr. Cogdell has successfully handled numerous high profile criminal cases, including obtaining a verdict of “Not Guilty” in the Enron litigation, the Branch Davidian Trial and the Houston City Hall Bribery case. Read more about Mr. Cogdell’s outstanding record and his qualifications.

A Focused Approach

We take pride in the fact that we focus almost exclusively on criminal defense. Because we are not solo practitioners or attorneys who merely share office space, we are able to effectively tackle extremely large and complex criminal cases or cases that demand seasoned and skilled trial lawyers. Our team is comprised of several highly skilled and experienced legal professionals who are dedicated to our mission of providing the best services possible. We coordinate in a manner that optimizes workflow and resource allocation, which allows us to efficiently scale to handle cases from the smallest matters through very large and well-publicized national cases.

Mr. Cogdell has been recognized for his successes in the numerous cases he has handled, and has been bestowed with several prestigious industry honors. He is frequently asked to speak at continuing legal education events, and has been featured on a variety of television programs. Mr. Cogdell has appeared on NBC Nightly News, Dateline NBC, 20/20, Court TV, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and many others.

Why Choose Us

All cases are serious matters and criminal matters are even more so. They are adversarial by nature, and the other side is typically both well-funded and well represented. The entire system of law enforcement agents, prosecutors, and others who will be working against you creates a real risk to your personal liberty. You need a seasoned and fearless advocate in your corner who will stand up to defend your rights. Don’t jeopardize your future by remaining being underrepresented. Put The Cogdell Law Firm on your side and we’ll go to bat for you, whether you are facing federal white-collar prosecution, state felony or misdemeanor charges, we have the experience and the reputation to protect your interests. Our track record stands alone and it shows.

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