Federal Criminal Defense

Although the vast majority of criminal cases are filed in Texas state courts, some cases are filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in federal court. U.S. Attorneys prosecute these cases on behalf of the federal government. Federal criminal offenses differ substantially from state criminal offenses, both in the court system in which they are filed and the penalties that can result. Therefore, you need an experienced Texas federal criminal defense attorney on your side who knows how to defend against federal charges and routinely handles cases in federal courts.

Some types of criminal offense that the U.S. Attorney’s Office typically pursues in federal court includes high-level drug offenses, conspiracies, federal weapons charges, child pornography, computer offenses, crimes that relate to national security, and large-scale financial crimes, many of which involve mortgage or bank fraud.

Some of the most important aspects of federal prosecutions are that U.S. Attorneys handle significantly fewer cases than do prosecutors in Texas state courts, focus on more serious criminal offenses, and have more resources at their disposal in order to do so. Therefore, you should take all inquiries and investigations by the federal government very seriously, even if you have not been charged with any crime. In this situation, it is essential that you immediately contact a seasoned federal criminal defense law firm that can protect your rights from the very outset of any accusations that the federal government may be making against you.

If you or a family member is facing federal criminal charges, it is critically important to obtain the assistance of an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer in Texas at your earliest opportunity. Mr. Cogdell and his firm offer you over three decades of experience in dealing with and successfully defending cases. He and his team will handle your case personally.

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