DWI Defense

You’re coming home from a night out with friends or family, and suddenly you see red and blue lights flashing in your rear-view mirror. A police officer approaches your car and asks you to step out of the car and take some ‘sobriety’ tests. What do you do?

Unfortunately, as the trend nationwide is for state to substantially crack down on drunk or impaired drivers and enact laws that make the penalties for DWI increasingly more severe, Texas is no exception. All too often, an innocent individual with no prior criminal background becomes caught up in a DWI case, simply after having a few drinks. You may have not felt impaired when you chose to drive home, but under the law, the police say you are intoxicated.

An arrest and criminal charges for DWI in Texas is a serious and frightening process for the average person. A DWI conviction can cost you your job, thousands of dollars in fines, and even your freedom –– all based on the government’s opinion that you were intoxicated. That means you need an aggressive Houston DWI defense attorney not only trained in criminal law, but an attorney with an expertise specifically in DWI defense, as well.

At the Cogdell Law Firm, we have successfully represented hundreds of citizens accused of DWI in many counties across Texas. In a field in which being up-to-date on the current technology is vital, we bring a combination of proven experience and innovative defense techniques to best represent our clients. Whether yours is a breath test case, a blood-draw case, or a DRE (Drug Recognition Evaluation) case, the trial lawyers at the Cogdell Law Firm have the experience and the knowledge needed to fight your DWI charges. Our Texas DWI defense attorneys have been aggressively defending citizens accused of DWI for more than 30 years, and we know what it takes to minimize the chances of conviction in your case.

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